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Pickup trucks have come a long way, and have evolved beyond their strictly-utility beginnings. However, no matter how you use your truck, whether it’s for a trip to the mall or to the lumberyard, the fact remains that above all else, the key feature of a pickup truck is the bed. That’s why it is so important to take care of the bed and protect it from wear and tear and exposure to the elements. BAK Industries has developed a line of tonneau cover products that help keep your truck functional and beautiful.

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The RollBak all aluminum heavy duty retractable tonneau cover is built in the USA with the finest materials available anywhere. From aircraft grade aluminum slats that are powder coated with a rugged, long-lasting finish, to stainless steel springs and a marine grade felt lined underside, the RollBak G2 retractable tonneau cover is one heck of a unit. The RollBak glides on teflon, self adjusting rails to ensure perfect parallel operation and provides full access to stake hole pockets. This means that the RollBak retractable tonneau will work with tie downs, rails and many kinds of racks too.
In addition to the superior quality components used to make the RollBak, the cover also has a dual latching system, intermittent stopping positions, an impact resistant ABS canister and a flush fit design that can handle over 400 lb. of evenly distributed weight on top of it. The RollBak is backed by an industry leading warranty and is made to work with bed liners, and bed rail caps as well.
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Clamp on design

RollBak is designed to clamp to your truck for a perfect custom fit.

Drain system in canister

The RollBak canister has a drain system that extends from sumps that are cleverly positioned below the bottom surface of the canister for superior water drainage and to prevent ice buildup in the canister.

Felt lined underside

RollBak is felt lined underneath with marine grade, mildew protected felt. The Felt lined underside ensures pin-drop quiet operation. In addition the felt underside protects the top surface when the BakFlip is retracted into the canister.

Full access to stake pockets

RollBak’s superior design ensures full access to stake pockets. This allows you to use your RollBak retractable tonneau cover with rails, tie downs and many racks.

Optional toolbox canister lid

The RollBak has an optional toolbox canister lid that replaces the flush-mount lid. The toolbox lid for the RollBak is super strong, powder coated, lockable and perfect for accessing tools without opening the tonneau cover.
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